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Therapeutic Examinations

Some eye conditions can happen quickly and require timely attention to speed up recovery and prevent permanent damage. It is important to phone our staff as we prioritise these appointments. 


Our optometrists are able to treat a range of eye conditions, such as infections, allergies and inflammation. They are also able to remove any foreign material such as metal which may be embedded in your eye following an accident. If you have red, sore or itchy eyes, contact us to make a therapeutic appointment to diagnose and manage your eye condition as soon as possible.


Our optometrists are also able to evaluate your retina to look for retinal tears or detachments, which require prompt attention. Flashing lights, floaters (moving spots, thread-like or fine cobwebs that appear in your vision) or a curtain in your vision could all be signs of retinal tears or detachment. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to have a dilated pupil examination as soon as possible to rule out retinal tears or detachment.

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